2011 Update Class For Instructors

Well the Instructors just finish the 2011 update class, and I must say it’s not as hard has I thought it was going to be. I thought  the students would have two test one on hands  and the other a written exam , I don’t know were I read that at, but it’s not so. Anyway the good thing about this new update course is we have have room to input are own lesson plan, also the students will appreciate the the 25 question exam. But if the SB2289 bill passes the whole thing will change.  That’s the bill that’s going to divide  the licenses, Test Only and Test and Repair License. I should be teaching the new update class either October or November 2010 for the technicians who license is about to expire for the 2011/ 2012 year.

For right now we are still in the 09 update class, and still teaching  the students how to perform the the o2 sensor response test.



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Nate Davis: Automotive emission "smog license" instructor that teaches the BAR certified smog license classes in downtown Los Angeles we have a class for you at a very reasonable cost!
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