Smog License Update Class – (29-06-98)

The smog license update class will be available at Abram Friedman Occupational Center to renew your smog license.

The class will begin  January 14th $70.00 plus Test (Time and price subject to change)


5PM - 8:45pm


First Session: Tuesday 1/14/2013 at 5:00pm – 8:45pm 

2nd Session: 

3rd Session: 

4th Session:  

5th  session:

6st session:

7th session:

Also take a look at my WEBSITE for test help for the final examination

Need additional help with the class material click on the link below

Click Here for the 2013 Power Point Presentation Page (scroll to the bottom of page)


59 Responses to Smog License Update Class – (29-06-98)

  1. admin says:

    You will need to take the inspector license course first, we have have a class August 13th 8 – 12 M -F

  2. Kelly says:

    Any update courses coming up? My license expires august 31st and I need an update course. Thank you

  3. admin says:

    I’m sorry our update classes for this semester has been cancel because of the budget cuts.

  4. guillermo lugo says:

    is there going to be any classes for 2013 smog up dates before 10-31-2013,at list 3 weeks before that date. or it’s going to be cancel for rest of 2013 year.

  5. guillermo lugo says:

    I need to take the 2013 smog update class before 10-31-2013,are there going to be any classes before that date.

  6. Rene Peterson says:

    My license expires on May of 2014, I am trying to get the 2013 update course and if possible the A6, A8 and L1 licenses renewed. When would you be teaching this classes in the afternoon/day time?

    Please advise,

    Rene Peterson

  7. admin says:

    The A6 A8 L1 classes will start tomorrow Wednesday the Aug 14th at 6:00pm but the update class is close for this semester do to budget cuts

    Hope to see you in the A6 A8 L1 classes

    N Davis

  8. admin says:

    The class is close for this semester do to budget cuts hopefully if enough people contact the school they will reopen it

  9. admin says:

    It looks like its close for this semester do to budget cuts, hopefully if enough people contact the school they will; reopen it

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