B.A.R Star Scores

The B.A.R. Star Report cards are up and running………………

If you did not get your scores yet to see how you stand with the B.A.R. the report cards are up and running. http://www.bar.ca.gov/pubwebquery/star/welcome.aspx

If you would like to make that extra money by getting more cars especially test only and even repair shops it’s time to maintain a good scores, and in my opinion keep your score at .5 or higher.

Remember for right now the B.A.R is comparing the make,model,and year to how many cars pass the initial test compared to a test only stations and gold shield stations.


Here is an example I just visit a shop last weekend  he just got busted for an under cover car,”Toyota” for not running the Low Pressure Evap Test.  A-lot of people are always listing to urban rumors, not saying that’s why this gentlemen got busted.

Someone told me one time that the B.A.R doesn’t run during the holiday season,”urban rumor” but as you can see this Toyota did, and propably busted a few people this week.

Now how does this effect his star status, the BAR told him if he finish his citation before the   program starts, in other words finish the 8 hr training before January 1st this citation should not effect his eligibilty to become a star station.

B.A.R Star Scores……………..

Now from what I had read, is this: A star station cannot employ a techician who recently recive a ciatation with the last year. Now if we are talking administration it’s the last three years. I thought it would be based off the date of the citation was issue, and it does not matter if it was at another shop or not it’s on that techician.

So now if you believe what the BAR at the office is saying January 1st 2012 every one who had a citiation should be clear and starting fresh for the new program.

For some reason I think some at the local office got it wrong, now I may be understanding it wrong myself, I guest we will have to see. If some out their got a citation last year some time and find their self clear for the new B.A.R. Star program please let me know.

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