Smog check equipment change – Transitioning from BAR-97 to
: Approximately 10,000,000 smog check inspections are
performed on motor vehicles each year in California. Smog check
inspections are performed by approximately 7,300 licensed smog
check stations located throughout California. Smog check
inspections are currently performed using a BAR-97 Emissions
Inspection System (EIS). The BAR-97 EIS equipment is required
in all smog check stations located in enhanced areas, or
California’s smoggiest regions. The BAR-97 EIS tests vehicles
under simulated driving conditions to detect oxides of nitrogen,
hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide emissions. These are the
major chemical components of smog. The equipment consists of a
5-gas analyzer, additional hardware, software, a fuel cap
tester, and a dynamometer with safety restraints. The most
distinctive component of the equipment is the dynamometer, a
treadmill-like device that simulates driving conditions.
Originally certified by BAR in 1997/1998, the state’s current
BAR-97 EIS units are more than 13 years old.

The BAR-2012 EIS Project is an information technology project to
procure the development of standardized state-owned software and
integrate that software with various equipment components of the
BAR-2012 EIS. According to BAR, the current BAR-97 EIS relies
on older technology that cannot be easily updated to respond to
needed smog check program improvements. The BAR-2012 EIS will
be flexible, scalable, and responsive to the demands for program
change and allow increased program effectiveness and efficiency.
BAR anticipates award of contract to develop the new equipment
on September 2010. Furthermore, they expect a transition from
BAR-97 to BAR 2012 at the end of 2012. Accordingly, to give
business some certainty in making informed business decisions,
this bill requires BAR to specify, in regulation, the
implementation date for the conversion of the new equipment.
Further, under current law, if equipment purchases are mandated
and exceed $10,000, BAR is required to submit recommendations to
the Governor and the Legislature for any appropriate mitigation


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